Some kind words from a few of my clients and a fellow cinematographer.

The field production is simply phenomenal — so phenomenal in fact, it’s a paragon worth following on other episodes. The scenic coverage is beautiful and/or perfectly framed to compliment your content. Even the cop office material looks great and it’s handled with a dash of stylistic flare (looks like you had a mini-jib working). The interviews look  amazing. John Terp – The Discovery Channel

This email is long overdue but as the series producer on
“Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets” I wanted to let you know how happy we all
are with your fabulous work on the series. Your footage is terrific
and is really making the episodes this season sing! Thank you!! Carolyn Day – series producer, “Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets”

Just thought I’d write and say now that I am finally starting to
cut the footage that we shot in Seattle (SVBS Peterson case), I am
STOKED. The footage looks lovely and it is quite gratifying to hear
happy sounds coming from the edit room as my editor discovers yet
another fabulous shot. Elizabeth Elson – producer/director

Just watched the first draft of our first DVD and want to say the footage looks great!  Love love love all the broll you captured and how well all the interview stuff looks.  Somehow you took dismal environments and made them feel warm and caring.  Awesome.  Just awesome. Jodie Cadeaux – producer/director

You are fantastic. Thank you so much Randy. … and the footage looks crystal clear and absolutely gorgeous.  You were such a pleasure to work with and I sincerely hope to work with you again in the future. Elena Macintosh – producer/director

I’ve had the chance to work with Randy off and on for the last several years and he is one of the most professional, hard working, easy to work with, and truly skilled DPs in town. I always feel great recommending Randy to a client that I care about because I know they they will be totally delighted with his work. Mark Simon – cinematographer